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How Regular Carpet Cleaning Saves Money

How Regular Carpet Cleaning Saves Money

There are a lot of expenses associated with being a homeowner. Sometimes it seems that cleaning your carpet is an expense you can skip over, but before you decide that is the way you want to go, keep reading to find out how damage happens and why regular cleaning saves you money in the long run.

What kind of effect does dirt have on your carpet? More than you might imagine! If you were to get a microscope and look at abrasive dirt up close, you will notice that each side is jagged and sharp. When dirt like this gets into your carpet, each time you walk across your floors the dirt digs at your carpet fibers making them wear and tear quickly. This is why we suggest cleaning your carpet every 6 to 12 months. Cleaning your carpet regularly can actually extend the life of your carpet!

The longer you allow dirt, grime, dust, and stains to sit on your carpet, the faster your carpet is going to wear out. Getting those unwanted nasties out of your carpet via regular carpet cleaning appointments will help keep your floors in good shape! The better you take care of your carpet now, the longer it will last. Doing your part to extend the life of your floors will help push back replacing your carpet, and the cost associated with doing so! But if the carpet is neglected and not cleaned regularly, those carpet replacement costs will creep up faster than you may expect. Save yourself the money and stress by remembering to clean your carpet regularly!

Carpet cleaning is no simple task. It takes a lot of time and effort to do it right. Many traditional carpet cleaning companies use soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals in their cleaning process. Though these traditional carpet cleaning companies may offer their services at a low price that feels more affordable, it is actually more damaging in the long run. When a carpet is cleaned with harsh chemicals or soapy cleaning agents, a residue is left behind. This sticky residue is the high price you will pay for using a cheap carpet cleaner. Sticky residue attracts dirt, pathogens, and other nasties. All the stuff you intended to get out of your carpet will find its way right back in way too fast because residue attracts it like a magnet. Therefore your carpets get dirtier faster, more frequent cleanings will be required, and more frequent replacements. That's not saving you money!

So if cleaning your carpet regularly with soap won't save you money, what will? Cleaning your carpets without soap and using carpet protectant! The revolutionary carpet cleaning process at Zerorez® is the key to saving you money. The Zerorez® process extends the life of your carpet by carefully extracting all the nasties hiding in your carpet fibers and cleaning your floors thoroughly without using sticky soap. Plus, the Zerorez® process does not use any harmful chemicals, so it is completely safe for you, your kids, and your pets. Say goodbye to residue and hello to clean, soft floors! We also offer each customer the chance to add carpet protectant to their floors after we clean them. The benefits of carpet protectant will not go unnoticed. Carpet protectant protects your carpet fibers from damage - including damage that comes from abrasive dirt. We always highly recommend the use of carpet protectant because it will significantly extend the life of your carpet. Experience The Zerorez Difference® for yourself by booking an appointment with us today! Once you have your carpets cleaned and protected by Zerorez®, you won't go back.